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Online Course

Total Credits: 3 Online Course

Fast Company: Future Proofing Your Career
Career Building |  Fast Company |  Leadership
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There's a reason that workplace communication skills are so highly sought after by employers. Strong communicators can save their organizations time and money. For example, workers who can write emails that are reader-focused, clear, and concise can prevent the reader from having to send follow up questions, or worse, drawing the wrong conclusions about what the writer mean

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Total Credits: 1 SMEI Webinar PDH Credit

Live Webinar |  Digital Marketing |  Marketing Management |  Social Media Marketing |  Live Events & Webinars
Mhairi Petrovic
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In the era of physical distancing, communicating with customers has taken on a whole new importance – and challenge. Customers we previously interacted with in-person have moved online, and now all communication must flow through digital channels. Join Mhairi Petrovic, founder of Out-Smarts and Director at SMEI and learn the key steps you need to consider when creating your strategy. It starts with an inventory of the channels you have and gaps that may exist. With time of the essence, we’ll then examine quick wins for businesses and ways to effectively get your message across. Finally, we’ll examine some professional, yet approachable, examples from other small businesses.

Thu, Apr 16, 2020 - 11:00a to 12:00p PDT

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